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5 reasons that our Coffee Club is perfect for coffee lovers

5 reasons that our Coffee Club is perfect for coffee lovers

If coffee is one thing you absolutely cannot live without, if you love nothing more than the smell of freshly roasted beans, if the thought of that first cup of the day is what gets you out of bed – then the JW Coffee Club is for you. Set up by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers, our Coffee Club brings great tasting coffee direct to your door every month, with our expert coffee connoisseurs picking out a different delicious blend every month for your delectation. Here are five quick reasons for any coffee lover to join our Coffee Club.

Delicious, expertly blended coffee

For more than 150 years, John Watt and Son have been expertly roasting and blending coffee in our base in Carlisle. While the ownership may have changed hands a few times over the years, one thing that has remained the same is our love of coffee and blending know-how. We use this passion and expertise to find, and create, the very best coffee blends to name our Coffee of the Month for our Coffee Club members. You can have it just as you like it too – just specify what kind of grind you want, or if you’d prefer bean only.

Tastes from around the world

Our Coffees of the Month are sourced from around the world, bringing you the tastes of Africa, Central and South America, Asia and the Mediterranean. Each bean has a unique taste that reflects the environment that it has grown in, and we produce blends that harness these regional aromas for a flavour that is as authentic as it gets.

Expand your knowledge

Our coffee packages that get sent out to you come with comprehensive tasting notes to guide you on your journey through coffee. You’ll find that you quickly become an expert at picking out earthy tones, fruity notes or subtle acidity. We also include information sheets about the brewing methods and the origins of the coffee, so you can become a connoisseur in no time.

Delivered to your door

Coffee lovers will receive fresh-roasted coffee delivered straight to their door once they become members of the JW Coffee Club. We hand roast our coffee over an open flame and then deliver it the same day for the freshest taste. No need to worry about being local either – we offer UK-wide delivery and are even happy to quote for delivery outside the UK, too. For convenience and taste, there is little better.

Save money

New Coffee Club members can save money on their coffee too. For your flat monthly fee you get 250 grams of single origin 100% arabica coffee – and if you sign up for our yearly subscription, you can also receive a 12-month membership for the price of 10. That’s two months of great tasting coffee for FREE!

Want to learn more about JW Coffee Club? You can find more information and sign up here, where you can also learn all about our current coffee of the month.

You can also order coffee direct from our website, just click this link to browse our current range of blends.