You will be no stranger to Molly Rose Drinks’ Lemonade or at least you’ll have heard about it as it is fast becoming a recognised name and we find it an extremely popular choice of drink by all ages at our John Watt and Son cafes.

It was all started by local Gretna Primary School Molly Rose McLean at aged eight (one of UK’s youngest CEOs) being inspired by a YouTube video called “The Duck Song” shown to her by her dad which was about a duck going to a Lemonade Stand. She asked her mum if she could have an lemonade stand and with the success of that after selling 40 litres of lemonade and donating £100 of her first sales to the local charity Cash For Kids, Molly Rose Drinks’ Lemonade was born! Now in bottled form and following their ethos, 10% goes to a children charity with the current chosen one being Jigsaw Children’s Hospice in Carlisle. In a world of many fizzy soft drinks, what also makes Molly Rose Drinks’ Lemonade different is that it has no bubbles so it is a new kind of soft drink alternative.
“Molly Rose Drinks’ vision is to provide Molly’s tastiest social soft drink that is kind to others. Our lemonade is a classic drink with a modern twist. It is a real lemony, fresh, zingy lemonade with a hint of vanilla and has no bubbles. It packs a punch.” Claire, Molly’s Mum.
When asked how they felt about their tasty lemonade being available in all our John Watt and Son cafes, they said;
“We’re delighted that John Watt & Son coffee shops stock our lemonade. Their customers love being able to buy it there and it’s great to see that John Watt & Son support local food and drinks producers. BIG thank you from #TeamMollyRose.”
You can enjoy Molly Rose Drinks’ Lemonade in all our John Watt and Son cafes across Cumbria; (Carlisle) John Watt and Son Bank Street Coffee Shop, John Watt and Son Blackfriars Roastery & Espresso Bar, John Watt and Son Café at Cumbria’s Museum Of Military Life at Carlisle Castle and (Whitehaven) John Watt and Son Café at The Rum Story.
Molly Rose McLean, CEO of Molly Rose Drinks’ delivering lemonade to our John Watt and Son Bank Street Coffee Shop in Carlisle.
        (First quote an excerpt from https://yes.org.uk/news/molly-rose-entrepreneur-extraordinaire–31-01-2019)