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Sumatran Specialty Coffee

Although Indonesia is not particularly high on the radar when it comes to top-tasting coffee, the altitudinous regions of Indonesia’s largest (unshared) island bear some true gems in the form of Sumatran specialty coffee. A Brief History Coffee, in the form of Arabica seedlings, was first introduced to Indonesia by the Dutch at the very […]

Dominican Coffee Jarabacoa Organic

Dominican Coffee

It goes without saying that Dominican coffee comes from the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean nation covers approximately the eastern five-eighths of the island Hispaniola. The tropical country is roughly five times smaller than the United Kingdom, but where it lacks in size it makes up for with the quality of its coffee. Dominican coffee has […]

honduran coffee

Honduran Coffee

The Republic of Honduras is a small, Central American country less than half the size of the United Kingdom. Despite its small size, Honduras is the sixth highest producer of coffee globally, the third-highest producer in Latin America, and the top producer in Central America. Coffee was first introduced to Honduras by traders in the […]


Brazilian Specialty Coffee

With regards to coffee production, Brazil is king, and has been for more than 150 years! This Latin American country contributes more than one-third of the global coffee supply; literally millions of metric tons each and every year, and among this is the odd Brazilian specialty coffee. Considering the sheer size of the country (approximately […]

John Watt Burundi Specialty Coffee

Burundi Specialty Coffee

Compared to its neighbouring countries, the small east-central African country known as The Republic of Burundi isn’t particularly well known for its specialty coffee. This, however, is not for lack of quality. In fact, the smallholder farmers who grow the vast majority of the country’s coffee produce a crop of a quality that can be […]

April’s Coffee of the Month – Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is perfect for growing coffee with its warmth, high altitudes and fertile soils but this has not been taken advantage of because of civil war and ongoing political instability. The government and people of DRC are starting to see coffee exports as a positive way of rebuilding their economy. […]

Fairtrade Nicaraguan Medium

This coffee has a sweet aroma, citrus tones, a bright medium acidity and a well-rounded cup. Our Fairtrade Nicaraguan coffee comes from the mountainous northwest region of Nicaragua – because it is a strictly high grown coffee, grown at high altitudes, the bean develops slower, resulting in a higher density. Nicaraguan coffee production is mainly […]