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Celebrating all things Fudge; Using local producer The Toffee Shop & our Fudge Tasting Weekend

DID YOU KNOW that we here at John Watt and Son have been selling The Toffee Shop toffee and fudge for over 50 years? Like us, The Toffee Shop in Penrith has been around for over 100 years and are using the same original recipes in making delicious handmade fudge and toffee till this day (just like us too still using the original 1865 Espresso and our House Blend Tea recipes).
We pride ourselves in supporting local producers (being a local producer ourselves) such as The Toffee Shop and that is why it is important for us to stock it and sell it in our shop at Bank Street in Carlisle and for us to use the fudge in our Fudge Scones that we make on occasions for Scone Of The Day or Fudge Day.

Peter Johnston, director of John Watt and Son says on why we use The Toffee Shop; “We at John Watt and Son use The Toffee Shop as our Toffee and Fudge suppliers as they make quality products and it is well loved by our customers. It also fits in with the ethos of our company which is to use and support local.”

Also in celebration of the upcoming Fudge Day; 16th of June, we are having a Fudge Day Weekend – starting this Friday, 14th of June where we will be doing free fudge tasters at all our branches until Sunday 16th June. (Note that Blackfriars Roastery and our cafe at The Rum Story are closed Sundays.) What we will have at our branches for our Fudge Day Weekend;
Bank St- there will be tasters and all the flavours and sizes as well as have Chocolate Fudge and Mint Fudge available to buy. We will also be making Fudge Scones using The Toffee Shop fudge both on the Saturday and the Sunday. 08.00-17.00 Friday & Saturday, 10.00-15.30 Sunday.

Blackfriars Roastery-there will also be tasters and the The Toffee Shop tablets, Chocolate Fudge and Mint Fudge boxes available to buy. 08.00-15.30 Friday & Saturday.

Our cafe at The Rum Story- there will be tasters and you can buy The Toffee Shop Fudge at The Rum Story shop. There will Fudge Scones available to buy on the Friday 14th June & Saturday 15th June. 10am-3:30pm
Our café at Cumbria’s Museum Of Military Life- tasters of The Toffee Shop tablets and the chance to buy those Friday 14th -Sunday 16th June 11-4pm.

Now in stock and available to sample for our Fudge Weekend; The Toffee Shop boxes of Chocolate Fudge and Mint Fudge.
Delicious Fudge Scones made using The Toffee Shop fudge will be available to buy at Bank St and our café at The Rum Story during our Fudge Taster Weekend.

A brief history of the Toffee Shop

The Toffee Shop was originally opened by the Furnass family just after the First World War and has worked through three families, eventually being owned by Neil and Pat Boustead.
Fudge is made from butter, sugar and milk to a simple recipe and in small batches, so that it cooks evenly and thoroughly. There are always plenty of people to fuss over the 8 brass pans – stirring it when it needs stirring, and checking that it never boils over or catches in the pan. Once cooked, the fudge is poured into cooling trays and then cut by hand into slabs.
There are hundreds of fudge shops in Britain so what makes this one so different? – It’s difficult to describe the sensation of eating the fudge – it’s a rich grainy textured fudge like tablet (Scottish fudge) but smoother and not as sweet, so you can eat masses without feeling sick. Lord Lichfield has been quoted as calling it “the best fudge in the world” and endorses this by having regular orders sent.

You can find out more on them by going to their website and following them on Instagram @TheToffeeShop

Handmade Fudge being stirred and made at The Toffee Shop.


The Toffee Shop -where all the delicious fudge is made in Penrith. Photo from
Front of The Toffee Shop in Penrith. Photo from JRSaville website.