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Fairtrade Accreditation for John Watts Coffee Roastery in Blackfriars

THE new branch of Carlisle’s oldest coffee roaster has been awarded Fairtrade status. John Watt & Son expanded out of its Bank Street base this summer to meet growing demand for its coffee by opening a second store in nearby Blackfriars Street. The move is part of plans by owners Peter and Carol Johnston to continue growing the celebrated 152-year-old business. Blackfriars houses a state-of-the-art new roasting machine capable of producing larger volumes of coffee than the equipment in Bank Street. It offers customers the choice of sitting in or grabbing a takeaway coffee on the go. “Getting Fairtrade status at Blackfriars so quickly is brilliant news for us,” said Peter Johnston. “As well as giving customers great-tasting coffee we’re passionate about ensuring our products are ethically sourced and that coffee bean farmers get a fair price. It’s just good business all round and means everyone involved gets a square deal.” In addition to Fairtrade status, John Watt & Son’s environmentally friendly credentials have seen the business secure Rainforest Alliance accreditation. As well as achieving Fairtrade Status this year we moved all our Takeaway cups to ones which are compostable and are produced using vegetable matter, with the country’s appetite for takeaway coffee growing all the time, the number of disposable cups being thrown out and ending up in landfill is a real concern. That’s why all our takeaway cups – including the lids – can be recycled or composted. Wholesale customers can also use our compostable cups for their own businesses.”