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Fairtrade Coffee

John Watt and Son stock a number of Fairtrade coffees. With the Fairtrade Fortnight Festival now well underway until 7th March, this seems the perfect time to highlight why we at John Watt and Son buy Fairtrade coffee.

Our Nicaraguan Fairtrade coffee has won a Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Foods.

What is Fairtrade Coffee?

Certified Fairtrade coffee is grown by farmers who are paid a fair price for their crop. This is a so-called Fairtrade Minimum Price. The intention of this minimum price is to offset production costs and safeguard against falling market prices.
It was found in a study carried out in 2019 that by becoming a Fairtrade cooperative member, farmers increase their yearly wage by approximately 160%.

Fairtrade Premium

The Fairtrade Premium is an additional amount of money that is earned by farmers who grow Fairtrade produce. This sum of money is calculated as a percentage of the amount of coffee sold. The premium is used in cooperative funds so that workers and farmers in these coffee-growing communities can join forces. As a result, the workers and farmers benefit from the premium together. Coffee growers spend a minimum of one-quarter of the Fairtrade Premium on improving the productivity and quality of their crop.

Fairtrade Coffee and the Global Climate Crisis

Coffee farmers, like many farmers today, are increasingly challenged by the growing effects of climate change. Rising temperatures, excessive rainfall, and climate-related diseases, such as coffee leaf rust, can decimate harvests. This is where the importance of the Fairtrade Premium Fund and cooperatives comes in. Members can come together to share their knowledge and ideas about how best to spend their funds to combat the threats of climate change.

Our Contribution

In 2020, thanks to you, our customers, John Watt and Son generated £1,200 in Fairtrade Premium.
If you wish to help in the fight for a fair deal for farmers and their communities and for a sustainable future, consider trying our Fairtrade options, for example…


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