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Nature in a Jar ~Lessadds Syrups Vegan & Vegetarian Award Winning Locally Produced Syrups available at John Watt and Son Bank St.

The history of Lessadds Syrups began in May 2015 during a drive around the Scottish countryside between yellow filled fields of flowering dandelions.

Viktor grew up on dandelion syrup but Jill had never heard about it. So, Viktor cooked the syrup and Jill loved it.

Jill said: “You should try and sell it.”
Viktor said: “Never!”

Dandelion syrup quickly began selling itself and customer demand led to a range of other unique products including: elderflower syrup, linden syrup, beetroot syrup, beetroot jam and carrot jam.

Lessadds syrups is a small cottage business which continues to grow with new ideas, always using natural ingredients, straight from nature and into the jar. All products are made by hand without adding any synthetic or chemical additives and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

We here at John Watt and Son have found that our customers love the Lessadds Syrups and we are pleased to be able to sell a locally produced product and to support a fellow local producer also.

You will find a number of Lessadds Syrups (and Cranberry Jam) available to buy at our John Watt and Son Bank Street branch. The Lessadds Syrups can be enjoyed in a number of ways…drizzle over ice cream, sweeten cups of tea, dilute with water to make refreshing drinks, whisk into hot or cold milk, pour it over pancakes, spoon it into porridge, spread it on toast, use as an ingredient for home baking or marinades for any white meat, as a salad dressing or delicious stirred into yogurt and fresh cream. Lessadds Syrups jams can be used as a condiment to improve the taste of food.

You can visit their website for their full range and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


More information on some of the syrups we have at our John Watt and Son Bank Street branch shop;

Dandelion syrup is made from extract of dandelion heads, sugar, real lemon juice and filtered water. It is a dark golden syrup with a slightly bitter sour taste. Dandelion syrup has good healing properties, used as a prevention for colds and flu, supporting the immune system and promotes healthy digestion.

Elderflower syrup is made from extract from elderflower blossoms, sugar, real lemon juice and filtered water. A yellowish colour and a strong elderflower and slightly lemony taste is typical for this syrup. Also recommended for excellent healing properties and prevention before cold and flu, sinus infections, and other respiratory disturbances, boosting the functioning of the immune system.

Nettle syrup is made from extract from nettle ower, real lemon juice, sugar and ltered water. Nettle syrup is rich in iron, it is also used in treating anemia, asthma or skin problems, prevents respiratory and urinary problems.

Coltsfoot syrup is made from extract from coltsfoot ower, real lemon juice, sugar and ltered water. Coltsfoot syrup support treatment of disorders of the respiratory tract, skin, locomotor system, viral infections, colds, fever, rheumatism and gout. Characterised by warm tones and is renowned for its stringy viscosity with a slightly fruity taste. Popular for its healing properties, as a prevention against colds, treating mild symptoms of mental distress. The benefits of certain linden compounds also help to manage fever. *WHILE STOCKS LAST.