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Our Meet Up with La Cimbali at London Coffee Festival

Our Meet Up with La Cimbali at London Coffee Festival

With La Cimbali UK being our strategic partners and us selling their machines to our wholesale clients in addition to using their equipment in our three cafes as well as shows /markets– it was great to go visit their La Cimbali stand at London Coffee Festival and see their latest machines such as the S30 and go to one of the Sensory Bar sessions.

La Cimbali’s S30

Mike Abrams -the regional rep who we work with- went through how easy it was to use the S30 Perfect Touch superautomatic with TurboSteam4 that even one of the directors at John Watt and Son, Peter Johnston had a go! It made smooth, silky and textured milk to allow for the creation of great works of art (well, superb Latte Coffee Art) as you can see from the photos they took. People who visited the stand were able to spin the wheel and have the design it lands on be created so we were able to see the lovely latte art in action.

La Cimbali Sensory Bar

The Sensory Bar by La Cimbali was amazing and shows that La Cimbali know a lot about coffee which makes them great leaders in in-cup quality.
The Sensory Bar session we attended on Day 2 of London Coffee Festival was hosted by Rob Ward, La Cimbali’s coffee specialist who had concocted amazing blends of coffee that derived from various ingredients from Malt Biscuit to Liquorice and combining them with different types of alcohol. The infusions and how it was broken down and then put together was truly impressive and I would recommend to anyone to partake in if they have the opportunity.

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