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Lockdown 2.0 Offer  We have a number of Coffee bags which we produced for a customer and the order was cancelled, and beans from a sample roast!


Coffee Sack


The price is for 1 coffee sack and the design, also type of coffee sack will vary - depending on origin of country- some are coarse and some are finer weave.

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Perfect for those 1 cup moments! Ever have those moments when brewing a cafetiere seems a lot of work for just 1 cup of coffee or were you considering using a coffee bag- well, why not get our 1 Cup V60 High Mountain Package. It is easy to use and the filter papers are biodegradable so you can simply place straight in the compost. Our High Mountain 1 Cup V60 Package contains all you need to get started; V60 V60 Filter Papers 250g High Mountain Coffee (Ground for Filter)


We bought these John Watt Re-useable cups ready for a promotion for recycling day and the start of spring however that’s all changed now. We will re-open and when we do this take anywhere and use anywhere 12 oz cup is perfect for our coffee and in the meantime you could enjoy your coffee and [...]


Coffee Gift Pack


Coffee Gift pack Includes:- 3 Cup Cafetiere Coffee Sack 250 gram Honey Cerro Dragon  


Gift pack or  gift to oneself during the current lock down a 3 Cup Cafetiere with the chocolate flavours of our Dark Roast El Jaguar perfect for any time of day.   If you would prefer another of our coffees add it as a note and we will do the rest (excludes Jamaican Blue Mountain) [...]


Indulge yourself with your first (and best) coffee of the day, by using this 3 cup stainless steel Cafetiere to brew your favourite John Watt Coffee. The cafetiere has a heat-resistant borosilicate glass jug, so not only can you watch your coffee as it brews, the glass will stay cool to touch even when it’s [...]


Le’Xpress contemporary shaped single wall stainless steel Cafetiere, with a reusable fine mesh stainless steel filter and stylish mirror polished finish, ideal for kitchen or dining use to brew our freshly ground coffee. Capacity: 3 cup (350ml) Dishwasher safe  

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Italian style stove top espresso maker for making a three espresso shots of lovely, rich coffee from your favourite arabica coffee blend


Tristar Grinder


If you like to grind your own fresh coffee, the Tristar  is your go-to appliance. This electric coffee grinder grinds your favourite type of coffee beans into powder in just seconds. Nothing beats a cup of coffee made with freshly ground beans. Great tasting coffee Freshly ground coffee beans get you the best aroma for [...]

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Designed to make superior coffee for the discerning coffee lover! The ‘Cafetiere’ process, meaning ‘French Press’, produces exceptional coffee by using a combination of perfect timing and temperature. This method ensures that the necessary oils are released from the ground coffee producing superior full flavour every time. Featuring a stainless steel insulating double wall the [...]


The Le’Xpress elegant, belly shaped, double walled Cafetiere keeps coffee warmer for longer. Featuring a stainless steel insulating wall, the pot keeps coffee hot inside whilst it remains cool to touch. With a stylish mirror polished finish the Cafetiere is ideal for kitchen or dining use or working and for brewing our freshly roasted coffee [...]