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Christmas Tea


Our Christmas tea is an infusion of hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells, apple chunks, orange peel and clove oil which smells like Christmas in a bag! which is also caffeine free Perfect on a snowy (or let’s be honest, rainy) winters day. Works equally well as an iced tea in the summer months as well we think sits too good to keep just for Christmas  


Enjoy four different types of Freshly Roasted Cofee. This is the perfect gift for any coffee lover!

£4.50 £3.50

Hold onto that Christmas Feeling!  


Duck Tea Filter


Duck Tea Filter, a fun way to brew your tea in your favourite Mug at home or one the go. Fill the base with tea add hot water to your mug, and then float the duck in your mug until your tea is brewed to your taste. Why not it check out our award winning [...]


Enjoy four different types of Freshly Roasted Coffee ground for cafetiere. This is the perfect gift for any coffee lover!


Perfect for those 1 cup moments! Ever have those moments when brewing a cafetiere seems a lot of work for just 1 cup of coffee or were you considering using a coffee bag- well, why not get our 1 Cup V60 High Mountain Package. It is easy to use and the filter papers are biodegradable so you can simply place straight in the compost. Our High Mountain 1 Cup V60 Package contains all you need to get started; V60 V60 Filter Papers 250g High Mountain Coffee (Ground for Filter)


locally harvested 200g  Honey Comb from a  Bee Provided


Gift pack or  gift to oneself during the current lock down a 3 Cup Cafetiere with the chocolate flavours of our Dark Roast El Jaguar perfect for any time of day.   If you would prefer another of our coffees add it as a note and we will do the rest (excludes Jamaican Blue Mountain) [...]


Coffee Gift Pack


Coffee Gift pack Includes:- 3 Cup Cafetiere Coffee Sack 250 gram Honey Cerro Dragon  


Keep your coffee, tea  sugar fresh and give your kitchen a glamorous glow with this copper-finished coffee or tea or sugar canister from Le’Xpress. It’s the perfect balance of contemporary trends, timeless style and classic practicality. This c tin can store up to 750 grams of granulated coffee or fresh coffee beans tea or sugar. [...]

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500g  tin of  Scottish Shortbread with Steven Brown Artwork This Mother’s Day why not treat your Mum to some lovely shortbread biscuits in a Steven Brown Artwork tin for her to cherish? Special price of £12.50.