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Blended Coffee

An art form of its own! Our blends are the results of nearly 150 years of careful selection and intuitive blending to achieve a different fulfilling flavour to add to our existing range of single bean coffees.

On occasion, our customers have suggested an interesting variation and this is always taken on board. Blending beans is not an exact science as each year the crop can give a variation on the theme, keeps it interesting.

Blended Coffee

High Continental Blend


We only roast this coffee early in the morning because otherwise we smoke our neighbours out! We hav [...]

Blended Coffee

Espresso 1865


Espresso 1865 blend has a tart berry acidity, caramel body and a bittersweet chocolate finish. Wa [...]

Blended Coffee

John Watt 1865 Blend


John Watt 1865 blend is a partner to our Espresso 1865 blend. We have been producing this blend for [...]


This Mediterranean Blend is a Fairtrade accredited coffee. Our Mediterranean blend is a French Roast [...]


This is our very own High Mountain blend, created by the original owner’s love of the Lake Distric [...]