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From: £9.95 / month

Are you someone or do you know someone who loves nothing more than a gr [...]


Our Kenya AA Iyego Gatubu Cooperative AA Dark Roast is a smooth bodied coffee, that has been roasted [...]


Produced as a commission roast for a customer this was too good not to share, complex aroma spicy ta [...]

Single Origin Coffee

Honduras Villenueva Dark Roast




This is our very own High Mountain blend, created by the original owner’s love of the Lake Distric [...]


Brazil has been the world’s biggest coffee producer for the last 150 years; they are definitely do [...]


Single origin 100% Arabica blend with a fruity chocolate flavour perfect for the midnight hour. Deve [...]


Our carefully roasted Tapantuguste RFA coffee is from the western flanks of the famous Santa Ana vol [...]




We are supporting military veterans again this year with a medium to light roast special Veteran's B [...]