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Single Origin Coffee

A single origin coffee almost always carries the name of its country of origin somewhere in its name, surprise surprise! We keep our coffee names as descriptive as possible. Coffee from say Colombia or Costa Rica for example is available in different grades and types.

We buy and supply the highest grades to ensure you experience the difference.

Each coffee has its own attributes and tastes and it is a great past time savouring as many as possible, South Americans can vary from a slight nutty back taste to the exotics such as the maragogypes with their deep smooth taste. Special coffees, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, need no introduction from us and are complimented by many other well established names.

Buy online as beans or pre-ground to order. Available in 250g and 500g packs.


Blended Coffee

High Continental Blend


We only roast this coffee early in the morning because otherwise we smoke our neighbours out! We hav [...]


El Jaguar Dark Roast Mexican has a dark chocolate aroma and a smooth round body which astounded both [...]

Single Origin Coffee

Mexican Water Decaffeinated


Our Mexican  Water Decaffeinated coffee is 99.9% caffeine free.   Water® Process is a method [...]

Single Origin Coffee

Indonesian Java “Old Brown”


Our Old Brown Java has been matured for 6 years. The unique ageing process was discovered in the 16t [...]

Single Origin Coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo


This Ethiopia Sidamo is a coffee from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. Which is the most southern and [...]


This Costa Rica medium roast Fairtrade coffee is produced through a cooperative which located in the [...]


Honey Cerro Dragon - Costa Rica is a firm favourite among our staff and customers alike. A medium ro [...]

Single Origin Coffee

Monsoon Malabar Karnataka Ghats


Monsoon Malabar Coffee Beans when unroasted beans are yellow, rather than the usual light green. The [...]


Are you someone or do you know someone who loves nothing more than a great coffee? Then the JW coffe [...]


Our Kenya AA Iyego Gatubu Cooperative AA Dark Roast is a smooth bodied coffee, that has been roasted [...]


Brazil has been the world’s biggest coffee producer for the last 150 years; they are definitely do [...]