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Christmas Tea


Our Christmas tea is an infusion of hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells, apple chunks, orange peel and clove oil which smells like Christmas in a bag! which is also caffeine free Perfect on a snowy (or let’s be honest, rainy) winters day. Works equally well as an iced tea in the summer months as well we think sits too good to keep just for Christmas  


Bouquet Royale Tea is one of our oldest infusions. This tea combines the fruity flavours of raspberry pieces, apple chunks and orange peel with the flowery scent of hibiscus flowers and rosehip shells. This fruity tea works well in a mug on a cold day or as an iced tea in the summer sun!


Blood Orange Tea


This Blood Orange Tea is a blend of apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells and citrus peel. This is a lovely summer infusion.  This tea is perfect as an iced tea in the sunshine or as a warming brew at the end of a long day.


This tea is a blend of apple, hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells, citrus peels, blackberry leaves, kiwi chunks and pieces of strawberry. This tea has smells like a sweet shop!


This Lemon and Rosehip Tea is a blend of apple, hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells and lots of lemon pieces. An old fashioned British ‘pick me up’ blend. Perfect for making you feel better when you are under the weather!


Our Chamomile Flower Tea is a caffeine free tea with chamomile flowers. This tea is perfect to wind down with after a long day. Best brewed with boiled water that has been left to cool for a few minutes, if the water is too hot it can scald the flowers which leads to a slightly [...]