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Black Large Leaf

Large leaf which delivers a more delicate flavour tea

Assam Large Leaf

Black Large Leaf


This tea, most of which is grown at or near sea level, is known for its body, briskness, malty flavo[...]


Ceylon Dimbula is a tea that produces a fine golden-orange hue in the cup. It has a distinctive fres[...]

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Formosa Oolong – Taiwan

Black Large Leaf


Formosa Oolong tea is neither black tea nor green tea from Taiwan. The tea is referred to as semi-fe[...]


Russian Caravan is a black tea with complex layers of spice, smoke and malty sweetness. This is a bl[...]

Jubilee Tea

Black Large Leaf


A special blend created in 1977 to celebrate the Silver Jubilees of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd.[...]

Lapsang Tiger – China

Black Large Leaf


This tea grows in soil which naturally gives the leaf a light tarry character, this is enhanced furt[...]

Nilgiri – India

Black Large Leaf


An aromatic and fragrant large leaf black tea grown in the south of India. This tea has become so po[...]

Armistice Memorial Blend

Black Large Leaf


Try our award-winning Armistice Memorial loose tea blend! Won 2-Stars in the 2018 Great Taste Award[...]

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Yunnan (FOP) – China

Black Large Leaf


Yunnan is viewed as being “the garden of China” and has been producing tea for over 2000 years. [...]


This is a 2nd flush Darjeeling which means this it was harvested in June. Picking the tea[...]

Yunnan FOP

Black Large Leaf


Yunnan Black FOP is much favoured as a breakfast tea in China, these teas possess a subtle, malty fl[...]

Kenya Kaimosi

Black Large Leaf


This tea is exclusively grown at 6000 feet or higher which gives the tea a delicate taste, similar t[...]