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Black Large Leaf

Keemun China Black Aster


Keemun Black Aster tea has a claim to fame as being one of the first Chinese teas to be imported into Europe. It is gentle and light, with layers of flavour - both smoky and malty with a hint of nuttiness and responds well to a long brew, don’t be scared to let it sit for up to 4 mins to get the full flavour out of these leaves.

Flavoured Black Tea

Lemon flavoured tea with peel


Our Lemon Flavoured Tea with Peel has a strong Chinese Black Tea base blended with strips of lemon peel. A fresh and refreshing brew, with a sherbet like smell.


A semi-fermented, small leaf, green tea with Jasmine flowers. The green tea brings a strong grassy edge with a lemon aftertaste and the Jasmine lightens the brew and adds a slightly smoky scent. The trick is not to over brew green teas,  it is best to boil your water and leave it for about 2-3 minutes to cool and then brew your green tea for no longer than 3 minutes. This allows the fresh spring grass flavour to come out but not the bitter edge that puts some people off green tea.


Our Darjeeling Standard Tea is an unusually robust version of Darjeeling tea which is usually renowned for its delicate flavour. The broken leaf brings a spicy edge to the traditional floral, thin body of most Darjeeling teas.


This Moroccan Mint tea is a refreshing blend of Chinese Gunpowder green tea and African spearmint. This tea was traditionally drank from tall glasses in Morocco and sweetened with sugar or a drop of honey, but we think it works well as an iced tea. The trick is not to over brew green teas,  it [...]


Christmas Tea


Our Christmas tea is an infusion of hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells, apple chunks, orange peel and clove oil which smells like Christmas in a bag! which is also caffeine free Perfect on a snowy (or let’s be honest, rainy) winters day. Works equally well as an iced tea in the summer months as well we think sits too good to keep just for Christmas  

Black Large Leaf

Lapsang Souchong – China


This tea grows in soil which naturally gives the leaf a light tarry character, this is enhanced further by firing the tea over wood chippings

Flavoured Black Tea

Indian Spiced Chai


A very popular tea in Asia, this combines a strong Assam tea base with a blend of spices including cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. To brew chai the “proper” way you brew the leaves and spices in simmering milk, and then strain out the leaves and add honey or sugar to sweeten the drink. We think that this tea also works well brewed in water as a more “normal” tea, and it is even quite nice without milk! A warming and robust tea for a cold day.


Bouquet Royale Tea is one of our oldest infusions. This tea combines the fruity flavours of raspberry pieces, apple chunks and orange peel with the flowery scent of hibiscus flowers and rosehip shells. This fruity tea works well in a mug on a cold day or as an iced tea in the summer sun!


This Darjeeling First Flush Tea is an exceptional and rare tea. This tea is light and clear with a bright liquor. The leaves have a floral scent with a lively character. 1st Flush Darjeeling is picked in mid-March to May following spring rains; this gives the leaves a gentle, very light colour, aroma, and mild astringency. [...]


Ceylon Dimbula BOP is a small leaf tea that originates from Sri Lanka. This small leaf tea is a strong but smooth black tea. This tea has a full, malty flavour and leaves a lovely, fruity aftertaste. A good all day brew! Grading: Broken Orange Pekoe: Main broken grade. Orange Pekoe refers to the grade of leaf [...]

Black Large Leaf

Nilgiri Tea – India


Our Nilgiri Tea is grown in the Blue Mountains, Western Ghats area of Southern India. It is an aromatic and fragrant large leaf black tea.