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Our Sencha leaf tea is a version of a traditional Sencha, this originates from China. A light and re[...]

Spicy Chai – India

Flavoured Black Tea


A very popular tea in Asia, this combines a strong Assam tea base with a blend of spices including c[...]

Tea Hamper



A selection of our popular loose teas along with a delightful Sage Bevande Teapot with infuser which is perfect for serving tea in style! Featuring a removable stainless steel infuser, which is ideal


Bouquet Royale Tea is one of our oldest infusions. This tea combines the fruity flavours of raspberr[...]


The popular Earl Grey tea made into a refreshing green tea version using a base of China green tea. [...]


Flavoured Black Tea


A smooth and full tasting tea, best served without milk. A strong Chinese tea base has been infused [...]

Africa Kenya PF1

Black Small Leaf


Only for the brave or for those who really want to wake up! PF means that this tea is Pekoe Fannings[...]


Flavoured Black Tea


The smell of this tea makes the whole café think of Christmas! A winter favourite, our cinnamon tea[...]

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This Darjeeling First Flush Tea is an exceptional and rare tea. This tea is light and clear with a b[...]


Stuck for a gift idea why not buy a voucher to be used in our shops. It can be used for afternoon te[...]


Our Christmas tea is an infusion of hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells, apple chunks, orange peel and [...]


This Japanese Bancha is a green tea that originates from Japan. This tea is stronger and more full-b[...]