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Our Gunpowder Green is a Chinese green tea. This is a form of green tea which has been rolled after being steamed to prevent the leaves breaking and to preserve the flavour for longer. The name comes from its resemblance to rolled pellets of gunpowder used in early guns and its tendency to unfurl (or [...]

Flavoured Black Tea

Rose Congou


Rose Congou is a blend of Keemun tea with rose petals. The rose petals are added during oxidisation which allows the rose to infuse into the black leaves. This gives the smell of a rose garden! Keemun tea has a claim to fame as being one of the first Chinese teas to be imported into [...]

Green Tea

Japanese Cherry


A strong, but smooth, green tea base with natural cherry flavourings and rose petals. The cherry provides the sweetness to combat the slightly bitter edge of the green tea, and the rose petals produce a lovely aroma which aims to bring the spirit of the Japanese spring cherry blossom festival, “Hanami”, to a cold and rainy Carlisle! The trick is not to over brew green teas,  it is best to boil your water and leave it for about 2-3 minutes to cool and then brew your green tea for no longer than 3 minutes. This allows the fresh spring grass flavour to come out but not the bitter edge that puts some people off green tea.


Our Sencha leaf tea is a version of a traditional Sencha, this originates from China. A light and refreshing green tea which we use as the standard green tea in our cafes. The trick is not to over brew green teas,  it is best to boil your water and leave it for about 2-3 minutes [...]


The popular Earl Grey tea made into a refreshing green tea version using a base of China green tea. Low in caffeine.

Flavoured Black Tea

Ginger Tea


Our ginger tea has a strong Chinese black tea base blended with marigold petals and chunks of ginger root. The marigold petals add a lovely floral scent which cuts through the strong taste of the ginger. The perfect tea to dunk biscuits in whilst cuddled in a blanket on a cold winters day!

Black Large Leaf

Yunnan Tea (FOP)


This Yunnan Tea originates from China. Yunnan is viewed as being “the garden of China” and has been producing tea for over 2000 years. This tea has a rare combination of a light aroma, robust taste and smooth aftertaste. This can be attributed to the ideal growing conditions in Yunnan province. Grading:   Flowery Orange [...]


A mild, decaffeinated tea which is prefect for drinking the whole day. Too often you sacrifice the taste of a proper cup of tea when you remove the caffeine however we believe that this is one of the nicest tasting decaffeinated teas around.

Flavoured Black Tea



A smooth and full tasting tea, best served without milk. A strong Chinese tea base has been infused with vanilla oil and mixed with chunks of vanilla pods, smells good enough to eat!  


This Darjeeling Second Flush Tea is a full bodied tea which produces a musky, amber coloured cup. Second Flush refers to the harvest period from June to mid-August. When comparing Darjeeling Second Flush to Darjeeling First Flush teas, this is has a dark colour and strong flavour. Darjeeling Second Flush is a unique tea because [...]


Blood Orange Tea


This Blood Orange Tea is a blend of apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells and citrus peel. This is a lovely summer infusion.  This tea is perfect as an iced tea in the sunshine or as a warming brew at the end of a long day.


This tea is a blend of apple, hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells, citrus peels, blackberry leaves, kiwi chunks and pieces of strawberry. This tea has smells like a sweet shop!