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Espresso 1865


Espresso 1865 blend has a tart berry acidity, caramel body and a bittersweet chocolate finish.  


Honey Cerro Dragon - Costa Rica is a firm favourite among our staff and customers alike. A medium roast, with very little surface oil and a sweet and nutty aroma.We recommend it for use as a filter coffee or in a cafetiere rather than as an espresso, as the longer brew times really bring out the complex flavours which helps to tone down the sharp citrus flavours that can come from the processing method. One of the owners of John Watt and Son visited the farm in 2019 and loved the coffee so much that we ordered some from our importers immediately. Only about 75 bags of Honey Cerro Dragón are produced per year which, as far as we are concerned, puts this coffee firmly into “Microlot” territory. We consider a Microlot as a specially cultivated and picked batch of beans from either a small producer or from a dedicated section of a larger plantation. It is kind of like a special edition coffee, or like when a rare wine is made from a grape picked from a defined section of a vineyard in defined year. We are going into true coffee nerd territory here!  


Our carefully roasted Tapantuguste RFA coffee is from the western flanks of the famous Santa Ana volcano - where the best coffees from El Salvador are produced. Flavour depths featuring Almonds and Orange


Burundi Kierzi Fully Washed fruity taste with a sweet Smokey aftertaste