Brazil Fazenda Bom Jesus


Fazenda Bom Jesus is the work of the couple Gabriel and Flavia Lancha Oliveira. Both are grandchildren of coffee producers and they have passed their love of coffee on to their sons, Lucas and Gabriel junior who are also dedicated full-time to the farm.

The coffee from Fazenda Bom Jesus has a bright acidity with hints of chocolate and walnuts. It leaves a very light and pleasant aftertaste, and notes of brown sugar make it a naturally sweet cup with a hint of maple syrup. Its aroma is very soft and sophisticated.

The sweetness of the coffee is a result of the coffee varietal Mundo Novo and the natural process. More of the sugar in the coffee cherry is passed on to the bean as the coffee cherries are all dried together, with the husks being removed just after the coffee reaches a humidity of 11.5%.


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