How your coffee subscription works:

Coffee Plant

Select your coffee

Choose from some of our popular coffee roasts or let us personally choose a coffee based on what you like.

Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee Roasted

Your coffee is freshly roasted for you by one of our experienced coffee roasters.

Delivery Van

Coffee Shipped

Once your coffee is roasted, it is packed and shipped direct to you.
Ready for you to brew up a hot cup of coffee, put your feet up and enjoy!

Who chooses your coffee?

John Watt Coffee

Let Me Choose

(select your favourite
John Watt coffee roast)

Surprise Me

Surprise me!

(we will choose a coffee based on what you like)

Which John Watt coffee would you like?

John Watt Coffee

El Jaguar Siltepec Mexico

John Watt Coffee

Espresso 1865

John Watt Coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo Anasora Guji G1

John Watt Coffee

Honey Cerro Dragon - Costa Rica

John Watt Coffee

John Watt 1865 Blend

John Watt Coffee

Mediterranean Blend - Full City Roast Fairtrade

John Watt Coffee

Mexican Water Process Decaffeinated

John Watt Coffee

High Continental

How do you drink your coffee?



(with or without milk)

Brewed with Milk


(with milk)

Brewed without Milk


(without milk)

Which roast style do you prefer?

Light Roast


(Representative of the coffees original flavour)

Medium Roast


(More developed flavours, slight roast taste)

Dark Roast


(Oily surface, caramelised roasty flavour)

Which grind do you prefer?



(Freshest way to enjoy coffee)

Coarse Ground for a Cafetiere

Coarse Ground

(A coarse ground for use in a cafetiere)

Coarse Ground for a Filter Coffee

Medium Ground

(A medium ground for making filter coffee)

Coarse Ground for an Espresso

Fine Ground

(A fine ground for making an espresso)

How many bags would you like?

One Bag

One Bag

(250g bag
12 cups of coffee)

Two Bags

Two Bags

(2 x 250g bags
24 cups of coffee)

Three Bags

Three Bags

(3 x 250g bags
36 cups of coffee)

How often would you like to receive your coffee?


Once a Week


Every Other Week


Once a Month

Your Coffee Subscription Choices:

Freshly Roasted Coffee from our home to your home

From: £9.95 / month

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans from our Home to your Home. Coffee Subscription

John Watt and Son has been roasting arabica coffee heart of Carlisle since 1865.  Supplying our freshly roasted coffee across the UK. Roasting only Arabica green beans to produce a range of single origin coffees and house blends whose recipes have been handed down from 1 generation to the next of John Watt roasters.

Our coffee subscription service allows you to chose how you want your coffee?

Get your favourite coffee delivered straight to your door every week, fortnight or month!

Or tell us how you enjoy your coffee and we will use our experience to match a coffee to your taste

How it works: 

    1. Choose our coffee from our customer favourites or Let us know how you drink your coffee and leave the rest to us
    2. Choose a roast style.
    3. Bean or ground?
    4. Let us know how many bags you want delivered.
    5. Choose how frequently you want coffee delivered straight to your door! Our quoted price includes shipping to the UK and Ireland

For more information about the coffees available read below!


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