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We only roast this coffee early in the morning because otherwise we smoke our neighbours out! We hav[...]


El Jaguar Dark Roast Mexican has a dark chocolate aroma and a smooth round body which astounded both[...]

Blended Coffee

John Watt 1865 Blend


Freshly roasted  John Watt 1865 is  our original house coffee blend  which we have roasted nearly[...]

Blended Coffee

Espresso 1865


Espresso 1865 blend has a tart berry acidity, caramel body and a bittersweet chocolate finish. &n[...]


This Mediterranean Blend is produced from Fairtrade accredited coffee. It is a  Dark Roast Colombia[...]


Our Mexican Water Decaffeinated coffee is 99.9% caffeine free.   Water® Process is a method to[...]

Black Small Leaf

John Watts Breakfast Blend


Our very own breakfast blend tea, perfect for kick-starting your day![...]

Single Origin Coffee

Indonesian Java “Old Brown”


Our Old Brown Java has been matured for 6 years. The unique ageing process was discovered in the 16t[...]


This coffee is produced on a private farm owned by Israel Degfa, it covers 250 hectares, of which 15[...]

Flavoured Black Tea

Earl Grey Blue Lady


Earl Grey Blue Lady is a happy marriage between two of our most popular teas which was created by ac[...]

Black Small Leaf

Assam Small Leaf


A strong and robust tea that is often used in blends; however it also stands on its own as a good, s[...]


Our Colombian Medium Fairtrade coffee is a big and bold bean with a mild acidity and heavy body. It [...]