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Do you know someone who loves their Loose Leaf tea? Then the John Watts Loose Leaf Tea Hamper is the perfect Christmas gift for them! The John Watts Loose Leaf Tea Hamper includes a R Cup and 4teas include and 70g of the following: 70g Darjeeling tea 70g Armistice Memorial Blend 70g John Watt Breakfast tea 70g Christmas tea

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Italian style stove top espresso maker for making a three espresso shots of lovely, rich coffee from your favourite arabica coffee blend

Flavoured Black Tea

Apple & Cinnamon Tea




Tristar Grinder


If you like to grind your own fresh coffee, the Tristar  is your go-to appliance. This electric coffee grinder grinds your favourite type of coffee beans into powder in just seconds. Nothing beats a cup of coffee made with freshly ground beans. Great tasting coffee Freshly ground coffee beans get you the best aroma for [...]

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Designed to make superior coffee for the discerning coffee lover! The ‘Cafetiere’ process, meaning ‘French Press’, produces exceptional coffee by using a combination of perfect timing and temperature. This method ensures that the necessary oils are released from the ground coffee producing superior full flavour every time. Featuring a stainless steel insulating double wall the [...]


Marzipan Fruits


14 Marzipan Fruits   Contains Almond 


locally harvested 200g  Honey Comb from a  Bee Provided


Chocolate heaven! Luxury drinking chocolate flakes, three bars artisan handmade chocolate and chocolate coated coffee beans, plus a reusable cup all you need for curling up in front of the fire on a cold winters night!    


Cold Brew Package


A refreshing way to brew coffee with our Cold Brew Package perfect for a warm summers afternoon in the garden.


Duck Tea Filter


Duck Tea Filter, a fun way to brew your tea in your favourite Mug at home or one the go. Fill the base with tea add hot water to your mug, and then float the duck in your mug until your tea is brewed to your taste. Why not it check out our award winning [...]


Tea & Teabread Hamper from our home in Carlisle, where we have blended tea, roasted coffee, baked and sold to the public since 1865, enjoy a taste of our heritage!


Filtra Unbleached Filter papers