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Single Origin Coffee

Mexican Water Decaffeinated


Our Mexican  Water Decaffeinated coffee is 99.9% caffeine free.   Water® Process is a method [...]

Black Large Leaf

Assam Large Leaf


This tea, most of which is grown at or near sea level, is known for its body, briskness, malty flavo [...]

Black Small Leaf

Edinburgh Blend Tea


Our Edinburgh Blend Tea is blended in tribute to our Scottish customers. This is our best copy of th [...]

Single Origin Coffee

Monsoon Malabar


Monsoon Malabar unroasted beans are yellowy brown, rather than the usual light green. This is becaus [...]

Flavoured Black Tea

Lemon flavoured tea with peel


Our Lemon flavoured Tea with Peel has a strong Chinese black tea base blended with strips of lemon [...]

Black Small Leaf

John Watts House Tea


This is our popular John Watts House Tea. When you go into one of our shops and ask for ‘just [...]


Our Earl Grey tea is a blend of small leaf teas from some of the best tea producing regions in the w [...]

Black Large Leaf

Formosa Oolong – Taiwan


Formosa Oolong tea is neither black tea nor green tea from Taiwan. The tea is referred to as semi-fe [...]


Ceylon Dimbula is a tea that produces a fine golden-orange hue in the cup. It has a distinctive fres [...]


Our Colombian Medium Roast Fairtrade Coffee is a big and bold bean with a mild acidity and heavy bo [...]


Our Darjeeling Standard Tea is an unusually robust version of Darjeeling tea which is usually renown [...]


Our Nicaragua SHG Fairtrade is a coffee that comes from the mountainous northwest region of Nicaragu [...]