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A refreshing blend of Chinese Gunpowder green tea and African spearmint this tea is traditionally dr[...]

Sencha – China

Green Tea


A light and refreshing green tea which we use as the standard green tea in our cafes. This is a vers[...]

Lapsang Tiger – China

Black Large Leaf


This tea grows in soil which naturally gives the leaf a light tarry character, this is enhanced furt[...]

Rose Congou

Flavoured Black Tea


This keemun tea has been layered with rose petals whilst it has been oxidised, this infuses the tea [...]

Bouquet Royale



One of our oldest infusions; this brew combines the fruity flavours of raspberry pieces, apple chunk[...]

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Yunnan (FOP) – China

Black Large Leaf


Yunnan is viewed as being “the garden of China” and has been producing tea for over 2000 years. [...]

Indian Mysore A

Single Origin Coffee


Our mildest bean, this is a good coffee to wind down with after a long day. It makes a nice, smooth [...]


China Keemun tea has a claim to fame as being one of the first Chinese teas to be imported into Euro[...]


The popular Earl Grey tea made into a refreshing green tea version using a base of China green tea. [...]

Spicy Chai – India

Flavoured Black Tea


A very popular tea in Asia, this combines a strong Assam tea base with a blend of spices including c[...]

Africa Kenya PF1

Black Small Leaf


Only for the brave or for those who really want to wake up! PF means that this tea is Pekoe Fannings[...]

Armistice Memorial Blend

Black Large Leaf


Try our award-winning Armistice Memorial loose tea blend! Won 2-Stars in the 2018 Great Taste Award[...]